Broth-sipper bowl
Broth-sipper bowl

Broth-sipper bowl

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Thrown on the wheel and then molded by hand, each of these bowls are truly one of a kind.

As each bowl dries, I carefully watch for just the right moment to hold each one in my hands and give it a loving squeeze, without causing cracks or damage.

Doing so leaves indentions from my own thumbs, creating comfortable thumb holds for yours. Then I gently pull down the lip and create a small spout so you can slurp up all the yumminess in your bowl with ease. 

As you enjoy your meal, know that my hands have been exactly where yours are now, sending you all of my good intentions for health and nourishment. 

* Please be aware that due to the organic nature of each indention, after each bowl is thrown, means that these bowls will not stack as perfectly as my normal cereal bowls. 


D: 7x6.5 in

H: 2.75

12 oz